Frequently Asked Questions

Where the hell is it?

The official address is 2975 Co Rd 71, Camp Hill, AL. But as with many rural, non-home addresses, that won’t get you to the gate when plugged into GPS. The week of the event, we will send out an actual Google Maps pin that will take you right to the fun.

I heard that it’s pretty remote, so what about the facilities?

Although this is a relatively austere environment, there are some basics, like potable running water at Hilltop, a charging station for phones, and hot water showers available. The bath house is a simple roofless structure with multiple shower heads in a single room. There is, however, one shower behind a curtain if you prefer privacy. We will have portapotties on site, two at hilltop and one near the camping area. There are also two functional composting toilet outhouses, one near the bathhouse and one on the North end of the camping area.

I’ve never been to a burn, and I’m intimidated by the 10 principles. How does that work?

Burn experience is in no way required, and the 10 Principles are not a set of rules by which you will be judged. Our integration of the 10 Principles was simply a way for us to set the tone for how we wanted Passage to be approached. It is a place of freedom, where our collective efforts at being mindful, generous, and focused on the community will be returned 10-fold. It is NOT intended to seem exclusive or require experience. If you have an open mind and good intentions, you will have a great time at Passage.

Will there be food vendors?

Nope. You need to bring food and a way to prepare it. If you don’t have a camp stove, I suspect your neighbors probably will. Rely on each other out there and we’ll all be just fine. BONUS: There will be a schedule of community meals that are being gifted to the community by some generous fellow campers. Keep an eye out for the volunteer signup coming soon if you’d like to contribute in this way.

What’s the alcohol situation?

You’re welcome to bring whatever alcoholic beverages you’d like! Just avoid taking glass bottles on the rocks and common areas. In keeping with the principle of decommodification, there will be no alcohol for sale at Passage. There will likely be some camps gifting drinks to the community, and you are welcome to share with others in this way as well.

Wait, what about water?

There will be water coolers scattered around the area where you can fill your water bottle or have a quick drink, but please bring a couple of gallons of water for each person in your party so you have easy access at all times.

Will there be cell service on the property?

You can expect to be able to get a text, call, or WhatsApp message out with no problem, but I wouldn’t plan on downloading any Matrix movies if I were you.

What if it rains?

We will certainly get wet! Bring rain gear, umbrellas, and pop-up canopies to get out of the rain if you’re particularly sensitive to it. There are also some common areas to huddle out of the rain, in several different locations. The party will go on, barring a severe thunderstorm. If lightning gets intense, we will recommend you sit in your car to wait it out. That’s worst case scenario. Unfortunately, this comes with the territory of underground camping festivals.

Submit to the moment and let’s make some memories.

I need to arrive after the posted 9pm gate closing, can I still get in?

Yes! We strongly recommend you get there before dark so you can get the lay of the land before liftoff. But we know that’s not possible for everyone. If you get there after dark, just follow the signs and instructions provided to you at the gate. Piece of cake.

Can I bring my kids?

Passage is a 21+ event. A couple of exceptions are being made for small infants upon special request, but no school age children or teens will be allowed entry.

Can I bring my dog?

Nope. While we love the furry friends as much as anyone, pets are not allowed at Passage for a list of reasons. If your dog is a service animal, however, it is welcome to accompany you in that capacity.

Can I bring my flow/fire toys?

You bet. If you bring flow toys, just be conscious of the space you are occupying and respect your dancefloor neighbors. If you bring fire toys, please for the love of God don’t set anything or anyone on fire unintentionally please and thank you. If you have fire toys, please reach out to us to arrange safety protocols ahead of the event.

Can I invite my friends?

Yes! If you’ve been invited to this event, we trust you to invite people who you believe are wells suited.

Can I bring my RV?

Yes! However, the property is small and we are forced to limit RV capacity to 3. Buy your tickets and your RV pass as soon as possible to lock in your spot. When the 3 passes are gone, we will not be able to accommodate additional RVs on site.

My friend decided to go last minute and tickets are sold out. Can you make an exception for them?

Unfortunately, this is a (relatively) small property and the owners have set a maximum capacity, outside of our control. Please don’t show up at the gate with unticketed attendees in your party expecting to get them in.